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WINS: Stumped (temporarily) by lmhosts (again…)

We had a issue yesterday when we cannot logon an old Windows NT server using our domain (let’s call it DOM1) account. The NT server is actually one of those leftover legacy NT domain BDC (lets call it RES1) that has trust to DOM1.

DOM1 was only upgrade to Windows 2000 AD last weekend and all access were tested successfully. Come Monday, apps team complained that they cannot logon with their DOM1 account to the NT server.

Our first thought is it has lost trust to the upgraded DOM1 domain, but we checked the PDC for RES1 and it was okay and this server (which is the BDC) was in sycn with the PDC in RES1. Read the rest of this entry »

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Setting up Windows DFS without WINS

I always have a strange suspicion that Windows DFS (up to W2K3) still needs WINS for it to work, but some people were saying that a purely W2K3 environment should not need to WINS and even have DFS working as such.

Anyway, I went to look up the Microsoft technical reference for DFS and found this:

How DFS Works in Environments Without WINS

The default behavior of DFS is to use NetBIOS names for all target servers in the namespace. This allows clients that support NetBIOS-only name resolution to locate and connect to targets in a DFS namespace. Administrators can use NetBIOS names when specifying target names and those exact paths are added to the DFS metadata. For example, an administrator can specify a target \\FS1\Users, where FS1 is the NetBIOS name of a server whose DNS or FQDN name is

Organizations that do not use NetBIOS and WINS can still use DFS, but before setting up namespaces the administrators must create the DFSDnsConfig registry entry on all root servers and then restart the DFS service on all root servers. Administrators must then use the DNS names for when adding all targets to the namespace. When these steps are complete, the referrals will contain the DNS names of targets accessed by clients. If a namespace already exists, the administrator must perform the following steps:

  1. Export the namespace to a data file by using Dfsutil.exe.
  2. Delete the namespace.
  3. In the exported data file, change the NetBIOS names to DNS names for all targets.
  4. Recreate all root targets by using DNS names.
  5. Import the updated data file.

Now this is interesting because it appears that by default DFS (even in W2K3) still uses NetBIOS and you need to make changes to change this behaviour. Hmm… I wonder how my colleague managed to get his DFS working only on DNS straight out of the box.

Anyway, if anyone managed to get DFS working without WINS and without make the changes to the default above, do drop me a line. I would be interested to find out more.


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