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vROPS: resetting admin password and quirks

Recently we found out that we had to reset the admin password due to it being locked and, I think, expired. VMware does have a KB on how to this can be done:

However, what it fails to mention is that an additional step may be necessary

Now, if you just reset the admin password, it will allow you to logon via SSH as admin to the appliance. However, if you try to logon as admin to the admin GUI interface, you may encounter incorrect user name/password error. This is corrected by performing the stops in the 2nd KB article.



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vROPS: Configuring auto-mount NFS in appliance

Recently, we need to use a feature in vROPS 6.2+ to dump alerts into a folder.  One of the outbound settings in vROPS is “Log File Plugin”. When you configure it, you tell vROPS to create a text file for each alert in an output folder in the appliance. The recommendation from VMware is that this output folder should be an mounted volume pointing to an external source so that you don’t eat up all the disk space in the appliance. Read the rest of this entry »

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