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Pyschological distance in troubleshooting

Sigh… I spent almost 2 hours today trying to troubleshoot some routing rules for my fax server dial plans. The rule only apply to a special group call TKY_OUB. After I created that rule, no matter how many times I tested it, it just won’t work. This defies logic because it cannot be that difficult because there is only that many parameters in the dialing plan rules.

So I was just about write a email to my friendly support vendor, when I went to test the rules again. This time, it starts to work! I could almost pull my hair out, except that I don’t have much hair 🙂

Guess what was starring back at me? Yes, I have entered the group name as TKY_UOB all the while, that was why the rules never worked! On my second try, I entered the correct spelling and that was why it worked.

Lesson learnt:
Pyschology distance between alphabets can cause you to loose hours of troubleshooting time, on something that was never broken. When parameters are really that simple, that is nothing more to troubleshoot, recheck your input values!

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Posted by on September 11, 2006 in General, Operations