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Why beats in some ways

Well, I never even noticed the is in beta preview, but looks like it now coming out of beta preview and massive marketing will go towards promoting this alternative email

Do you have MSN? Hotmail? Don’t fret, this means that you can already logon and use

A few things makes better than

  1. The interface if so much more cleaner, almost like my outlook email client. GMail interface can be cluttered some of the times
  2. You can create rules to move emails to folders making your inbox cleaner. One of the most frustrating feature of GMail is the stupid tags. All mails are stuck in the inbox unless you specific select and move them to folders. This makes reading emails a pain sometimes on GMail. replicates what you can do in Outlook by actually enable you to create rules to move emails to folders
  3. If you are using Outlook, you can already sync with with the hotmail connector

Why is GMail still good at?

  1. The email client, especially on phones like Android is more mature and has is more intuitive for me. Currently, the outlook cleint on Android look like it belongs to the 50s. Of course its usable, but just not as easy to use as GMail client
  2. If you are already using Android, then chances are all you contacts and calendars are already sync with google contacts and calendars, integration with your phone is easy and seemless. All of my contacts are already on google at the moment.

Anyway, my strategy is to use both. I still use as my main email and set it to forward to my new I read my emails on because it cleaner and I have a more structure email with folders instead of a flat ugly inbox in, but I will use gmail to reply and write email since all my contacts are there. I am sure GMail will update itself in the future to be like if more users are taking up that site, this is good for customer experience at the end of the day.



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