Fixing Windows 10 Anniversary update

29 Dec

Let’s get to the chase…after a painful update of my Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 Anniversary and facing issues with action center, edge, start button that is not working, I decided to clean install W10A instead. I know that plain W10A install works just fine because I have done it successful on a VM on my desktop. However, even with a clean install, I still had issues with IE11 crashing when launched; when trying to install ADK, the install crashed with faulting module nvumdshim.dll. This pointed to the NVDIA graphic card driver installed by Microsoft.

Sure enough, after I downloaded the latest drivers from NVDIA and installing it, everything was working well on my W10A desktop. Given this, I suspect a lot of the update problems with W10A is probably related to graphic drivers.  Another clue is that some users were able to get their action center, start menu, etc working after booting up in safe mode and then booting to normal Windows again. Windows uses a basic video driver in safe mode which could explain why it was working in safe mode, but I am not sure why it may work again after rebooting to normal mode, but I suspect that system will crash again in no time and it is not permanent fix. 

What I am writing here is just one of the possible solutions to the woes of Windows 10 Anniversary upgrade. However, if you are one of the many computer users with NVDIA graphic card, perhaps this can help you. Even if its a different card, I would suggest looking at the graphics card drivers.

Let’s get it straight, I highly recommend a clean install if you want to go W10A. This is a major Window update and in the Windows world, you never upgrade from another version to a major update.

If you intend to perform an upgrade to W10A, I suggest that you do the following:

  • Downgrade the graphic driver to basic Microsoft video drivers like SVGA
  • Uninstall any anti-virus software
  • Uninstall any virtualisation software like VMware Workstaion, VirtualBox, etc.
  • If you are using Pro and running Hyper-V, uninstall Hyper-V. The update removes Hyper-v but doesn’t clean up properly, leaving you with hidden virtual adapters and a disabled NIC

I have not tried this solution yet, I have already spent one whole weekend of upgrade hell and am too tired to try again. However, my experiences, I believe these simple steps could help you update to W10A with least amount of problems.

If you have already updated to W10A and have those action center issues, I would suggest that you downgrade the graphic driver to basic SVGA to see if it helps. If this works, then download the latest graphic driver from your vendor and install them.

If you clean installed your W10A, I suggest you get the latest graphic driver and install it before you do anything. BTW if you reboot your cleanly installed W10A within a short time after installation, you may see “Getting computer ready” message. It’s one of those silly things that Microsoft never improves on. It should at least be  verbose about what it is doing; its actually windows update running in the background updating your Windows. If your HDD light is flickering randomly as if it is working hard, then you just need to wait for it complete and it will reboot itself.

Update: After the clean installed and using the graphics driver from NVDIA for the past 3 months, I never encounter the previous issues again.

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