VMware: Goodbye to the fat client

20 May

For the longest time VMware administrators have been using the C# VSphere clients or “fat client”. Over the years, it continues to plague us with hidden confirmation dialog boxes, error dialog boxes that pop-up continuously, version incompatibilities on the same computer and application crashes.

Worst of all are the need to test, package and supply new versions of the client whenever the infrastructure is upgrade. Its not a big deal if the only persons to use it are your own VMware administrators. But in big organisation with VDI in the mix, you need to hand off new versions to desktop support and even end users themselves. Worst of all, is the need for a clean uninstall of the older versions before the new versions can be installed or else you may end up with knackered computer which won’t run either versions.

Even though the web client eventually became available, it was slow, cumbersome and no easy to use. It was definitely not as intuitive as the C# client (or perhaps we just got used to it?). Even the web client on version 5.5 suffered from lags and response time.

Those aside, I am glad that VMware finally made a better web client version on HTML5 and are stopping further development of the C# client. There are now better reasons to move to the web client and at last, IT folks don’t have to deal with version upgrade hell!


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