VMware: ESXi host have permission error in hardware status and inventory not foun

25 Jul

Recently, one of the ESXi host went down due to a hardware issue, but after we recovered the host and reconnected the host, I get the following error:

– In Hardware status page, I get “you do not have permission for this command”
– In inventory search, I can find the ESXi host, but when I click to it, it says “This entity does not exist in vCenterXXXXX”

1) There is no issues with other ESXi hosts in the same Vcenter.
2) If I logon directly to ESXi host using the same Vsphere client, I could see the hardware status just fine
3) I have restarted the vcenter services and also removed and re-added the host without any success

It turns out that restarting “VMware VirtualCenter Management Webservices” Again and waiting a while resolved this issue.

I am not sure why this is so because restarting the vcenter server service would restart this service also, but perhaps this issue had to wait for the server service up to resolve (??). Anyhow its resolve this issue. However, I still have a stale inventory entry in the DB, my inventory search showed 2 hosts of the same name, one will bring you to the host, the other will have an error as before. Nothing less than querying the DB and deleting the stale entry can solve this, but it is just an inconvenience, so I will leave it as that at the moment.

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