Troubleshooting network teaming issue on ESX/ESXi

22 Feb

Today, VMWare blog posted a fantastic and detailed article on troubleshooting network teaming issue on ESX/ESX (which as a VMWare newbie frankly had been a danting task, but I am getting the hang of it)

A quick summary of what I picked up from this:

  • If you are using VST or Virtual Switch Tagging, your physical network must be configured with VLAN trunking using 802.1q protocol on the physical switch
  • If you are using ‘Route based on originating virtual port ID’ load balancing type, the physical switch should not be configured for link aggregation (802.3ad or etherchannel or Trunks). Link aggregation or bonding should be used only with IP hash load balancing type.
  • When troubleshooting VM network issue, remember to identify which port group and VLAN ID is belongs to
  • To determine this which NIC a VM, connect to the host using SSH or via the Local Tech Support Mode console and use a tool called esxtop. From within esxtop, we simply hit ‘n’ for the networking view and it will show you which NIC the VM is using.


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