Using Get-ADObject to query subnets and sites

29 Nov

Okay, I did not develop the scripts myself; I modified them from this site, I needed this for quick and easy queries

#List all subnets for a site (okay its a onliner, but you can always use a variable to replace the site name)

foreach ( $SubnetDN in (Get-ADObject -Identity
 -properties *).siteObjectBL) 
{Get-ADObject -Identity $SubnetDN -properties * | % {$} }

#List all subnets (long process)
Get-ADObject -Filter 'ObjectClass -eq "subnet"'
 -SearchBase 'CN=Configuration,DC=fabrika,DC=com'

#List all sites (long process)
Get-ADObject -Filter 'ObjectClass -eq "site"'
 -SearchBase 'CN=Configuration,DC=fabrika,DC=com'

 #List the site associated with a particular subnet" 
Get-ADObject -Filter 'ObjectClass -eq "subnet" 
-and name -like "*"' -SearchBase 
'CN=Configuration,DC=fabrika,DC=com' -properties siteobject
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Posted by on November 29, 2012 in Scripts, VBScripts, Windows



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