VBScript: Convert/Split seconds to days, hours, minutes and seconds

03 Aug

This function converts the number of seconds to its day, hour, min and sec components. It returns a comma-delimited string in format “day,hour,min,sec”. You can use the split() function to extract it into an array, example, MyTime = split(SplitSec(449786), “,”)

Function SplitSec(pNumSec)
  Dim d, h, m, s
  Dim h1, m1

  d = int(pNumSec/86400)
  h1 = pNumSec - (d * 86400)
  h = int(h1/3600)
  m1 = h1 - (h * 3600)
  m = int(m1/60)
  s = m1 - (m * 60)

  SplitSec = cStr(d) & "," & cStr(h) & "," & cStr(m) & "," & cStr(s)
End Function
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Posted by on August 3, 2011 in Scripts



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