Samsung Galaxy tab could not detect my wifi SSID on my d-link router

14 Jun

Okay, that is not really correct. I recently gotten a Samsung Galaxy tab and the first thing I did was to connect to my home wifi. It connected fine initially. However, over time, I found the tablet could not detect my wifi occassionally whenever I came home. This is despite all my other devices like printer and home desktop connected fine to my wifi and even when I place the tablet right next to the d-link router!

This went on occassionally, but yesterday, it just could not detect my SSID no matter what I did. When I looked into the wifi settings of the tablet, I could see it scanning for networks but just could not find my wifi SSID. I had tried restart and resetting the configuration of my wifi but to no available; my home computer continues to detect and connect to the wifi, but not the tablet.

After reading some stuff online, I decided to turn off auto channel scan feature of my d-link router and manually set the channel number, i.e. to channel 1. Lo and behold, the SSID came up immediately on my tablet! I am not exactly sure what happened, but I can only guess that it goes like this:

  • Everytime I turn on my router, it would select the most suitable channel to use
  • For some reasons, my tablet will not work properly on some channels (for example, I had tried to set it to channel 2 and the connection was unstable)
  • So if the channel chosen by my wifi for that day was one that my tablet didn’t like, then it would not detect my SSID.

Note to self:

Did some tests by setting the router channels to 12 (2.467 Ghz) and 13 (2.472 Ghz) and the tablet could note detect the wifi. So I am correct that when set to auto channel scan in my wifi router, there are some channels which will not work with the Samsung Galaxy tab.

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