Incorrect Next Run Time field in Task Scheduler in Windows Server 2008

14 Mar

This morning I was setting up a scheduled tasks on my Windows 2008 R2 server. I set up the trigger to start at 10 pm on Friday, but when I saved the tasks, the next run time showed something like 4pm on the next Tuesday! Strangely enough, if I query the same task from command line, the next run time is correct.

I found the KB950035 ( which explains this issue, but when I clicked the link to the hotfix, it only shows Windows Vista for download. Undeterred, I downloaded the hotfix and tried to run on the Windows 2008 server only to be told that the OS is incorrect for the hotfix.

Digging through forums a bit more, I found out that the hotfix is included in the service pack 2 which is recently released. So to fix it, you have to install SP2.

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Posted by on March 14, 2011 in Windows



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