Network corruption causing MS Clusters IP resource to fail

04 Jun

Recently, we had an Windows 2003 MS cluster, in which the cluster IP address failed to start. When we looked at the network resources, we found that both the public network was marked as “unavailable”. This was strange because the public IP was okay, and obviously so, because we are accessing the servers via RDP via the public IP. Because the network resource was unavailable to the cluters, all IP resources could not start because they depended on the public networks to be available.

We shutdown one node and reboot the other. When the node came up, the network resources was okay and the cluster IP resource could start. But once we powered up the 2nd node, the network resources became unavailable again and downed the cluster.

This definitely pointed to some corruption in the registry settings of the cluster which is causing the cluster not to bind to the networks corrected. As the server was pretty critical, we had no time to find out why…

As the public network was a teamed resources, we decided to break the team and recreate it again. So we shutdown one node and then shutdown the cluster service on the other node. Unteamed the network adapters and reteamed them and up the network resources. The cluster came up without any issues.

Next we powered up the 2nd node. Noticing that when the 2nd node came up it showed its own network resource as unavailable (but not the newly reteamed one). So we shutdown the cluster service on the 2nd node, reteamed the network adapters and restarted the network resources.

Now all resources were up and available. Tested failover and rebooting one node and the cluster worked as it should after that.

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Posted by on June 4, 2010 in Windows



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