NSVPBind: CLI for setting network binding order

16 Apr

One of the most requested features for Windows admin scripters is a utility to allow them to set network binding order in a script. This has always been in the realm of device driver developers and out of reach of scripters.

Recently, with the deployment of Windows 2008 clusters another issue with network binding order surfaced. The problem is that Windows 2008 cluster’s virtual network adapter would end up being the top of the binding order. It a hidden device and not manageable via your standard network neighbourhood. The problem with this is that its ip address is an APIPA address, so when you ping the computer name within the server itself, it will return the APIPA address instead of the public address. Of course, if you ping the computer name from outside the server, it returns the public address.

This can cause problems for applications which need to query the ip address of the computer from within itself and use the ip to bind to other services within or outside the server.

The problem is that you cannot simply go to the advance menu in the network sharing folder to change the binding order, the virtual network adapter is just not there.

So I guess because of this issue, Microsoft have decided to release the nsvpbind.exe from the MSDN into the wild. Some relieve for us scripters at last. Now, the next tool is how do I unbind network from protocol or services from CLI?

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