Rightfax stopped sending faxes after rebooting, but could receive fax

13 Apr

A most strange issue occurred the other day with our RightFax.

The voice team did a migration of the PABX from one brand A to another brand C. After the migration, RightFax was tested and confirmed that it could send faxes and receive faxes.  We did not reboot the board server since it was working.

2 weeks later, we did a security patch on the board server and rebooted the server. When it came back up, it could not send any faxes, but incoming faxes continue to work.  So our first thought was the patching, but we have 2 other board servers also patched and reboot but was okay. When we looked at the error the board server was complaining that it could not find any available lines to send faxes out.

A quick call to the voice team and a quick check by one of the engineers confirmed that there was a missing configuration in the PABX settings that did not allow faxes to be sent out from that trunk. What was strange is that it should not have worked at all during the last 2 weeks with this settings. However, after the voice team made and correction, we could immediately send out faxes!

No conclusion could be drawn, I can only theorize that when we switch over to brand C PABX but did not reboot, somehow the RightFax server managed to retain the old connectivity despite a setting that did not allow the trunk to fax out. After the board server was rebooted, the new settings came into force. I can only conclude that with any changes to the PABX that impacts RightFax board servers, its best to reboot or restart the service after the change!

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Posted by on April 13, 2010 in Windows



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