WINS: Stumped (temporarily) by lmhosts (again…)

31 Jul

We had a issue yesterday when we cannot logon an old Windows NT server using our domain (let’s call it DOM1) account. The NT server is actually one of those leftover legacy NT domain BDC (lets call it RES1) that has trust to DOM1.

DOM1 was only upgrade to Windows 2000 AD last weekend and all access were tested successfully. Come Monday, apps team complained that they cannot logon with their DOM1 account to the NT server.

Our first thought is it has lost trust to the upgraded DOM1 domain, but we checked the PDC for RES1 and it was okay and this server (which is the BDC) was in sycn with the PDC in RES1.

Then I thought it could be stale WINS entries for either DOM1 or RES1, but WINS did not turn out anything. It was only then my team mate suggested looking in the lmhosts.

Lmhost did not cross my mind because I assumed that we would not be using lmhosts because we have WINS running for, almost, forever in the firm. But lo and behold, when I looked into the lmhosts, there is an entry of the old DOM1 PDC, which we shutdown last weekend!

The second we removed it, did a NBTSTAT -RR, we were able to logon with the DOM1 account on this server.

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Posted by on July 31, 2008 in Windows



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