Citrix: Logon Process Hangs at “Running Logon Scripts…”

15 May

We had a citrix server issue today. User complained of not being able to launch their published application.

So I fired up my citrix neighbourhood and tried connection to a citrix desktop. I could logon fine… however, it hung at “Running Logon Scripts…” dialog box. So I searched the knowledgebase in the net and go referred to CTX107433: The Logon Process Hangs At the “Running logon scripts…” Step. However, this KB don’t seem to resolve my problem and I am very sure that its not a printer driver issue.

Then I remember that we had resolved an issue with citrix before in one of my previous article on citrix. However for that case the citrix services could not start, in the current case, all the services started without issues. However, I still decided to have a poke at the path environment variable on this Windows 2000 box.

Sure enough, someone had just installed a sybase client and it converted all long folder names to short names! After changing the shortnames (for the citrix paths) back to their original longnames and rebooting the citrix server, this issue was resolved.

Note to developers: Environmental variables, especially path, is so dated (i.e. MSDOS), please avoid writing programs that depends on those stuff!

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Posted by on May 15, 2008 in Windows



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