Win: Unable to access server locally via alias (cname)

18 Apr

2 weeks ago, we had an issue raised by the apps team who was trying to access their server’s share via an alias (or cname). The server, e.g SERVER1, had an DNS alias, e.g. PROD-SVR1. The apps guy was able to access the server’s share via the alias remote, i.e. he could access \\PROD-SVR1\share1 from another server successfully. However, when he did the same thing on the server itself, it just keeps giving the error “network name not found”.

This was puzzling to me, also because I personally never access a server locally via an alias. I did a search on the internet and keep getting MSKB 281308. The issues looks similar, but I was not convinced that this was the issue, further more the server is a W2K3 server and the regkey entry, DisableStrictNameChecking, was already set to 1. More important, I had no problems access the server via the alias remotely, it was locally that was the problem.

We spent a few hours hunting down possibilities and articles on the internet, but I keep getting pointed back to the article above. We tested lmhost files, checking netmon, filemon, regmon, but nothing seems to tell me what is wrong. After a few hours, we had to give up and told the apps guys that it was just impossible for him to do it.

Some 2 weeks later, someone posted a similar query to our global distribution list and one of the London guys replied with a regkey change. I looked at it, did a quick search on the key and realized how dumb I was 2 weeks ago! MSKB 926642 pointed to the solution I wanted!

Sigh… I felt so disappointed in myself for not searching properly for it, but then, I learnt something new everyday.

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One response to “Win: Unable to access server locally via alias (cname)

  1. brahma

    October 2, 2014 at 1:30 am

    It worked for me.

    method 1 worked


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