Rightfax: More channels than needed

13 Mar

Now I am running a project to migration everyone off a branch from a legacy NT fax application to a new Rightfax application I have installed. If you know much about fax applications, it mainly consists of the application and the fax boards. The application is where the accounts and policies are kept and the fax board is where the dialling rules and the connectivity to the PABX or Telco occurs.

Now a weird thing happened in the midst of the project. Dialling into the fax board would random cause “fast busy” or “normal busy” signals. As such, fingers are pointing everywhere, the greatest culprit is my fax board hardware. The branch guys were trying very hard to fault the fax board, but I know very well this could not have been a firmware nor a hardware issue. Of course, I could not dismiss this possibility neither.

Now an interesting pattern emerged from the tests, we could dial successful to the fax board 8 times and then it goes to “fast busy” or “normal busy” signals. The board is an 8 channel E1 board and when I talked to the voice guys, they told me that all 24 channels of the E1 line was connected to the board. Now this doesn’t sound very right isn’t it?

We tried to ask the ISP if they could block all but 8 channels going into our card and they kept insiting that this was not possible.  It was after much asking that we found out that it is actually possible, just that it needs some programming change and the owners (us) have to be aware that if there is any resets on their site, the settings would be gone and we will have to get them to program the lines again.

Well that is fine with me and so I asked them if they could at least test out our theory and limit 8 channels to our fax board. After much more discussion, they relented and we got the lines we want and voila, no more busy signals!

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