Slow DFS and dead DFS root target

20 Jul

One of our branch IT staff complained that accessing their group and user data was slow. I logged onto a server in the branch site and tried browsing the data and also found it’s reaction, far from normal, a bit retarded. Browsing folders in explorer would hang explorer from a while before responding.

As our DFS links point to Netapps filers, I thought, it could be a problem with the filer performance. So I opened the physical folders and tried browsing around, but performance was good.

So the issue must be coming from the DFS roots itself, but why would this degrade suddenly?

A quick check on the cache with dfsutils immediately tells me what is wrong, I am getting my referrals from another branch (say from Taiwan to India!). No wonder its slow!

Another check and I found that we had decommissioned a DC in this branch sometimes ago and its a replica of our DFS root. We have a dead DFS root target.

To remove dead DFS root target, you cannot do it from the GUI, you have to use dfsutil to remove the dead target:

dfsutil /unmapftroot /root:\\\myshare /server:\\server /share: myshare1

Check out MS DFSUtil examples.

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