VBScript: PadStr()

14 Feb

This function in VB I wrote to add leading zeros to a stringed number. Useful when converting dates into strings.

For example:

This statement converts date to YYYYMMDD format

StrToday = CStr(Year(Now())) & PadStr(CStr(Month(Now())),2) & PadStr(CStr(Day(Now())),2)

Function PadStr(CStr2Pad, ReqStrLen)

‘Cstr2Pad: stringed number to pad
‘ReqStrLen: final length of the string

PadStr = CStr2Pad

If len(CStr2Pad)

Num2Pad = string(ReqStrlen – len(CStr2Pad)), “0”)
PadStr = Num2Pad & CStr2Pad

End if

End Function

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Posted by on February 14, 2007 in Scripts, VBScripts



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