Pound (#) Key not functioning in Citrix java client

12 Jan

We have a VPN solution that allows users to logon to citrix using the java client.

That day, a user called with a weird problem where the pound (#) will not work and three (3) appears instead. This seems to be specific to java client users only and not those logging on via citrix neighbourhood.

Anyway I found a workaround from citrix forum posted here, but no real solution from citrix yet.

Okay, we have similar setups in LDN, NYK and SGP, yet only users logging on to NYK citrix boxes had this issue. Comparing the regional settings, NYK’s regional date/time was set to English (United States), whereas SGP and LDN are English (United Kingdom). The keyboard language for all regions are English (United States).

Now a number of our users logon to the VPN via company provided machines. Most of them would have the regional date/time set to English (United Kingdom) and keyboard language to English (United States).

A quick check of the keyboards layout and we find that the (#) sign is above (3) on US keyboards, but its the (£) sign instead on UK keyboards.

I suspect that the java clients must have had a hard time mapping that key when the client has keyboard language as UK and date/time as UK while connecting to a citrix server with a UK (keyboard)/US (date/time) combo. I have not tested my theory yet, though… Let me know you have a similar situation like I had! 🙂

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Posted by on January 12, 2007 in Windows


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