Supporting… forever?

13 Oct

I was woken up this morning at 5 am by a support call from India. The caller at the end said that their Sybase server was having problems. I was a bit of “uh?”, because my current team works in a follow-the-sun model, so I though New York team would be able to attend to any trouble in India for sure! Secondly, its strange someone in India called because usually it would be the Database Admins (DBAs) or my boss would would call me instead, if shit really hits the ceiling and they need me! Then the poor guy goes on to apologise for calling because he could not contact WY.

WHY? Isn’t he my team mate from DB? What! A morning support call from my previous company after I left 2 year ago??! Where did they dig out my number after 2 years??!! Urrrgghhh!! I had to tell the poor guy that I don’t work in his company anymore 3 times before he understood what I meant and hang up.

This reminds me of another incident some 4 years back when I joined DB. Someone called up to complain that his account was locked and needed to be unlocked. So I ask him for his user name and tried looking up the domain accounts for his name, but I could not find it. Then I asked him what domain he is logging into. When I heard the domain name, I knew it was actually a call from my previous company DrB! I had to reject his request as I don’t have access to my previous firms domain anymore…

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