W2K defaut limitation on printer enumeration

18 Sep

I was running the standard printer enum script in my resouce kit, prnmgr.vbs (via prnadmin.dll) and could not seem to get my W2K printer to list out its printers to me remotely. However, I had no problems when doing this with W2K3. Did a search on the net and found this…
By default, the print spooler on Windows 2000 transfers up to 1 MB of data in an RPC call. The default on Windows Server 2003 is 50 MB. When you have a large number of print queues, the buffer size required in order to transfer the data for the EnumPrinters RPC call can be greater than 1MB.

Add the following registry value under the key:
MaxRpcSize REG_DWORD (desired max size in bytes, set it to 5 or 10 MB)

restart the spooler service (“net stop spooler” and then “net start spooler” from a cmd)

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Posted by on September 18, 2006 in Windows



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