Problem with HP System Insight Manger

27 Jul

[Update 03 Aug 2006]: The server have not been acting up since…

Recently, I upgrade the HP SIM from 4.2 to 5.0 SP5. Almost immediately, I could see mxdomainmgr.exe sucking up like 400 MB of memory and climbing. Didn’t think about it much as I thought the latest versions should be more efficient or better.

Turns out that the next morning, the HP SIM died on me… had to force a reboot of the HP SIM server. After reboot, I could see mxdomainmgr hogging both memory and CPU cycles. CPU is at almost 90% most of the time and the memory starts climbing again to about 600 MB and more!

A quick search in the HP forum seems to tell me that its something that has existed for at least 1 year. The one year old thread is still alive: mxdomainmgr.exe CPU Utilization @ 98%. Incredibly, people are still complaining about the same things after 1 year.

I think that its a PR disaster that many tech companies, including HP, sets up forums in their own servers, but you never really see real HP engineers replying to your problems. How uncaring can that be?

Anyway, a few suggestions were available and 2 worked for me… at least for now

– uncheck “Send Authentication Traps” in SNMP services in the server
– Lower the DataCollectionThreadCount parameter in the globalsettings.props file. I am setting it to 1.

Other suggestions, which I think is a must in the first place:
– run the database (SQL) on another server
– get a good spec for your server

Updated: 28/07
Server had a java memory error today and the SIM won’t start:

java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

Found one of the solution in HP Forum and hopefully it works:

Incase anyone is using VMM for managment of their virtual machine, there is one more workaround that can be tried out for mxdomainmgr hogging issue

1. Stop the HP VMM service , .HP Virtual Machine Management Service, from the Service Console (Programs->Administrative tools ->Services)

2. Open the \HP Virtualization Management Software\bin \hpvmm.conf file and add this property definition:
SimQueryDelaySec = 300

3. Start the VMM service service , HP Virtual Machine Management Service from the Service Console (Programs->Administrative tools ->Services)


This “NEW” SIM upgrade seems more like 10 step backwards as days go by… 😦

I even set the server to reboot daily!


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2 responses to “Problem with HP System Insight Manger

  1. iCalvyn

    June 16, 2007 at 4:01 pm

    i found the solution which is differ from your, i just disable the HP insight manager services, then everything goes well, u can see my blog for more deatail

  2. saltwetfish

    June 16, 2007 at 5:23 pm

    Hi Calvyn,

    The solution won’t work for me as I am using the server as a HP SIM server, which means that I need to have HP Insight Manager services running on this server! 🙂


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