Changing multiple account’s passwords in Windows

28 Jun

For Windows administrators its very common to have a number of domain-based Windows accounts some priviledged and some for applications logon. For those who follow security rules restrictly, which any good administrator should, there comes a time every 60 days or so (depending on your security policy) in which these account’s password would expire.

The standard way of changing your expiring password is to logon to a machine with one of your accounts and use the security dialog boxed in Windows to change the password. Now if you have 10 accounts, logging on and off a Windows machine 10 times is not going be very effective. Of course, if you have some rights to the domain accounts, you could always script them. But if you don’t have rights to accounts on the domain, then you can workaround this via the Window security dialog box

Windows Security Dialog Box

In the dialog box, just change your account name and domain and set whatever password is needed. This will allow you to change any accounts via a single logon session.

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Posted by on June 28, 2006 in General, Windows


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